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    Welcome and thank you for taking the time to view some of my creative "brain storming". This site will showcase the majority of my rough sketches and even some completed works that derived from these roughs. I keep on top of this site updating the sketches and rendering sections constantly, so come back often to see what is being tossed around my brain every now and then.
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Some quick graphics…

Ok… Ok…I have been a little pre-occupied with work so I have been neglecting some updating. I did some little graphic pieces to play with Illustrator. It was fun. Wanna do more along the genre / theme. I guess you can call these exercises to the “big one”. Advertisements


So… I have been blank lately… I do not know what it is. I do not know what to create. I have not had the energy to draw. It is frustrating. Someone rescue me… Please… Send me some inspiring passages or cool images for me to gain visuals. I will even go sketch your dwelling … Continue reading

SHABANG! ! ! !

Okay dedicated followers. I have some more goodies in the sketch and render areas. Take a gander if you are so inclined. I have been digging through my oooold drives and found some gold mines. Stay tuned for some more exciting entries! Or not so exciting… Just stay tuned…

My Babe!

I could not have a portfolio without the most favorite piece of art I have ever created. Out of superstition, I would never do a portrait of Diana, my wife. Until our 9 year anniversary. We are now going on 12 years. Time is flying.

New Section! ! ! !

Okay, I have a new section set up in my portfolio. I added some photography that I did a few years back. So far back that these images were taken with film… Wierd, I know. But I have a love for film cameras. Dont judge me…

Architecture Much?

Okay… since I have been thinking about getting my Masters in the History of Architecture, I am going to rummage through my old hard drives to find my past architecture work. Here is a sample of some work that I have done. The more I find, the more I will post. Lets just hope all … Continue reading

New and Improved!

\\//\\// ||   || \\//\\//  ! I have to say that I am pretty impressed with wordpress. I have enjoyed learning the interface and the options that wordpress provides. It has a great community out there to help you do more with your site. As for me, I keep it simple. I use wordpress to create … Continue reading